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Back to normal today

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That other thread was getting too long so I thought I'd update today for those interested.

Jasper is back to normal today. He's back to our regular routine and back to his normal self so I have no idea what the problem is. He's obviously not "scared to death of me" like someone said in another post or he'd be scared of me today as well. He had something up his butt yesterday, he was upset with me for something and today that something doesn't matter much to him. He's a dog not a human they get over things.

I still plan on having him evaluated and looked over by people that know what they are talking about based on their experiences and knowledge.
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I missed your old thread too, but Brian went through a fear period, I didnt even know these existed until I went through it with Brian.

One night the cat ran through the kitchen when The dogs were crated and supposed to be asleep. All of the sudden the cat ran in, and Brian started screaming and peed himself.

He walked around like someone was beating him for a couple days, freaking out everytime he saw a cat.
He eventually grew out of it, but what I do know is that negative things that happen during these times can last a lifetime.
I have a sheltie that was "strung up" by a "trainer" when he was scared of moving on a lead, she picked him up by his choker chain and held him there.
needless to say he stresses big time whenever you put a collar and leash on him, if I put him in the car he will freak himself out so badly that he throws up. its been over a year since that happened, but he still is bad about it.
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