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My cookie is back at it again. The picky eater ghost has repossessed him.
his eating was splendid until recently. He’s back at being picky. I’m blaming my mum who keeps on giving him human food scraps just because his eating has gotten better. And I’ve told her to stop that habit but oh boy, seems like understanding “no” and the reason behind the no is way more difficult for grown up adult woman to understand than a child.

Sorry for venting. Alright, back at doggo talk.
Has anyone heard of this :
If there’s (are) female dogs that are on the heat or on period in your area, your male dog appetite will decrease. It’ll get better when you’ve neutered your male dog.

idk if this is true or not but all of dog owners here told me this when i told them my story.
yeah, cookie has yet been neutered. I’m waiting for him to turn 2 years old.
15th december last year i put cookie on raw diet. He loves it. And only take it frozen. He loves eating raw. Always excited for meal time.

we started with chicken and by the beginning of this January, i introduced him to raw beef (he loves it). Since he got the taste of scrumptious beef, he now hates chicken. Like, doesn’t want raw chicken or any kind of chicken except it’s cooked in human way.
This all was great until recently. His eating habit is back to crap.
few days ago he started being picky. Doesnt want breakfast ok. Skip. or wont eat lunch. Sometimes even dinner.
one time he has his breakfast and lunch. But didnt want dinner. i was like “dont want dinner then? Aight mate” picked up the plate and didnt give him anything for that night.
right at 3am he vomited yellow foam. I quickly gave him pumpkin powder mixed with water to soothe his stomach.
and by the morning he ate his breakfast heartily.
and this happened again. And I’m sick of this and i dont want to make him eat. His weight has finally got better. I couldn’t feel his ribs as bad as 2 months ago. But i still can feel his ribs. He’s on his healthy weight now.
No, he isn’t lethargic or anything. Just... want them hooman food!! Aarrgghhhhhh. When we eat, he will beg. My mum just wont heckin listen!!
yesterday after coming back from walk, he begged for food. I got him his dinner. Which then he refused to eat. And then i picked it up and eat my dinner. Which then he begged for my dinner and wouldn’t stop.
later on i was planning on making him eat later. Which hand feed him. I put bit of rice in a small cup that got churpi in it. And later my brother tried giving him that cup with rice, i told him cookie wont eat it. He’s at it again.
Surprise surprise, ge ate the plain rice. I thought he was tired of me and wanted someone else to give him the food, yeah. And i thought maybe his tummy isnt feeling too well and he just wants rice to soothe them for now. So i got a bit more rice and place it in the cup. Eventually, he actually wanted to get the churpi. Not exactly eating lol he ate the first bit and the second time he was like “nah man, gib me ze churpi now” made quite the mess but he was adorable lol

anyway, i want to be 😤 strict strict. no eat? Your loss. I know I’ve said this so many times but this time, i will! i can be strict, yeah.but what to do with his yellow vomiting? I dont want him to vomit yellow foam...
i feed him 3 times a day. Morning, lunch, dinner. I heard it’s better for his tummy & helps with the picky eating too.

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I would have another talk with Mom & Dad, and be firm that they need to knock it off because it's counter productive. A better way for them to express their love to puppy would be interative play time or treat training when you say it's okay.

My parents had their moments;
Dad - "Hey son, Basil ate a dead beatle and threw up. I took my eyes off her for 2 seconds and she barffed." "Yeah Dad, you weren't watching her when I asked you to." and "Hey Son, your dog threw up. I gave her a raspberry, and she liked it so much I just kept feeding it to her." "Yeah Dad, everyone loves raspberries, especially puppies!! A few are okay but not a handful."

Mom - "Hey Son, I think you need to take Basil out more frequently to pee." "No Mom, you need to quit putting so much broth in with her food ." "But she likes it!" "All the extra broth is causing her to pee sooner than we anticipate" "But she likes it!" "No Mom, you need to stop or we're not coming over for dinner."

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As long as your mom keeps giving him human food, he won’t eat dog food. Simple as that. Fix your mom, not the dog.

As far as intact dogs not eating when females are in heat, it’s true, but there is a context to it and I doubt it applies to house pets. Male dogs who are in contact with females in heat will not eat because they won’t leave the female until she is ready to mate. They will stay by her side, just far enough so she won’t bite them, but close enough not to let any other male have her. And they will fight to defend their right to breed. This won’t happen with your dog, lol !

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I feel your pain about having parents that feed scraps from the table. And in a traditional Asian family, I can’t tell my parents or older sibling off so I have had to learn to adapt. My dad feeds human food and so all the dogs learnt to beg him, not a good habit when a puppy is going to be able to reach food on the table as an adult...

What I found to help was doing training the moment my dad sits down to eat at the table. He can’t get Whiskey distracted because we were doing “training” (read: distracting him with his favorite special treats which are just kibble from his dinner bowl) and Whiskey doesn’t get in the habit of begging at the table. Problem solved with no stand off with my dad. But you sacrifice family meals for a while...after 2 weeks, Whiskey knows to wait away from the table for his special training time. Whiskey laid at the training spot while I had my own lunch today. But his real test is dinner time though..hopefully I can return to eat at the table soon.

But there’s a give and take to this art.. Some days I cook only foods (no garlic, no ginger, no onions, low salt etc) that I know the pups can safely eat and let my dad give those. Other days I close my eyes when the family feeds human snacks to the pups. This is also why my house only has dog friendly foods (no chocolates, no raisin etc).

It has also helped that I leave out Whiskey’s leftover kibble for the day in a box that is as accessible as the human snacks. Dad has no excuse that he can’t find the “healthy treats”.
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