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So yay, I am getting a baby shower thrown for me tomorrow at
3:00, should be a lot of people show up seeing how many people
my mom and I invited.... family, church ladies, high school friends,
etc...lol. Well my mom and my aunt are throwing it for me, so
that's nice.

I am excited, but hoping I'm not going to be embarassed by my
family...they got friggin' games planned for God sakes, I don't
know how to feel about that...and I just know my belly is going to
be rubbed like a crystal ball tomorrow. :eek:

In other news...

My husband has a good job now making $9 an hour,
which is damn good to just start off at. I've
also been looking for a job too, something simple
I can handle.

Maddie's Dam has been bred again, I really don't approve
at all of it, but sadly she is not my dog, but I will be more
than likely getting pick of the litter again...the only way
I know I will not be jipped off by my own family...they've
done me like that before. Well, I can always sell it myself
I suppose :banghead:

Still looking for a home for the Cocker Spaniel, the add I
placed in our local paper should run tomorrow, so hopefully
I will get a call from someone wanting her...keeping my fingers

That girl that was staying with me is out finally, she thinks I
hate her now though because I left her a note saying what I
HAD to say and my hubby told me she got really upset about
it and was crying...oh please. :rolleyes:

Maddie is 4 months today and is growing like a weed, not
to mention she's so round, LOL! Scooter is doing fine also.

...I think that's all. I miss you guys so much, hopefully I will
get internet back at home soon. :(

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But anyways, I need to just relax and have fun tomorrow,
I've been SO stressed out lately to the point that I've burned
supper, screamed at hubby for no reason, and threw shampoo
bottles, soda bottles, a fan, and a bar stool across the room.
I've also been very emotional crying over everything. So hows
everyone been doing lately? :)

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Awww Mood swings, I still remember my sisters through their pregnancy's lol

All the best for your baby shower :D
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