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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Announcing and Passing out the Awards and
Screensaver Gifts for the July 2021 Photo Contest!

Our July theme was My Too Helpful Poodle. We had ten intriguing entries, and the competition for the winner's place and 2nd place was fierce. This ended in a tie for the Winners and a tie for 2nd place! You can see these and all the entries on the Voting Poll thread here, or the original entry thread here.

Below are our four tied Winners, and their Awards & Screensaver Gifts. 馃榾

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All awards have been uploaded now.

Let's give a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the contestants! Thank you also to everyone who voted. Together we give PF a little extra sparkle!

Again, you can see the Voting Poll thread here with photos of ALL contest entries at that PF link, and the original entry thread here.

If you would like to artsy up your photos like the screensaver gifts seen here (and more), you can do so at LunaPic. It's free, no sign up, and easy to use. You can also see my simple photo tutorial here on PF for how-to examples of this.

Cheers to all of us, and until our next contest,

Vita 馃

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Thanks to all who entered and of course to the winners. PF is enriched with the contests and I look forward to them each month. Thanks Vita for your excellent work in choosing themes, posting entries, and for the great screensavers for the winners which are always so creative.

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Still Learning, but the toilet paper thing is going to take some

Thanks everyone & especially to Vita for putting these monthly
contests together....

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