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This month's category is Meme Your Poodle!

The goal for August is smiles and laughter. 馃槃馃槀馃き

The photo(s) should be be fairly recent, taken this year. It can be a single meme shot, or 2 to 3 pics that tell a funny story similar to a cartoon strip. The words for the meme can be under the photo or part of it.

You may enter on this thread, and please include the name(s) of your poodle(s).

Entries accepted thru 11:59 PM on Sunday, Aug 16th from your East to West Coast time zones. The Voting Poll will begin on Monday Aug 17 and remain open for one week, followed by an Award for the winner and Screensaver Gifts for the top two entries.

Good luck, contestants!

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Someone's in my chair!


I'll show him!


There--guess I showed him!


Disclaimer: No cats were injured in the making of this meme! Gryphon (the cat) enjoys a daily wrestle as much as Zephyr does, and bats with his paws but never claws.
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