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Welcome to the August PF Photo Contest!
We have two fun categories this month:

1) Water Poodles! - Your poodle or poodle-mix is at the beach, lake, stream, kiddie pool, swimming pool, sprayed by a water hose, in a canoe or boat, etc, and having a grand time. Poodle does not have to be wet, i.e., enjoying the view is fine.

2) Action Poodles! - This is an old favorite category for members who can capture their poodle or poodle mix in action! Catching a ball, running, jumping, dancing, etc.

***You may enter in only one category, and submit 1 to 3 photos.***

We need at least two entries by contestants in any category to make it competitive; if there is only one entry in a category, that contestant will receive an Honorary Award and still get the screensaver gifts.

Submit your August Contest photos on this thread.
Please include the category you're entering and the name of your poodle.

Edit: Entry deadline has been extended Wed 8/21 at 9pm East Coast Time or 6pm West Coast Time.

The Voting Poll begins after that and will run one week, followed by awards and screensaver gifts! :)

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I was just going over the entries to set up the Voting Poll. We're fine in the Water Poodle entries, however we have only one entry in the Action Poodle category! There always needs to be at least two entries in a category to make it competitive. Feel free, however, to enter in either category.

Thus our contest is extended until tomorrow evening, Wed 8/21 @ 9pm East Coast / 6pm West Coast time.

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I'd like to enter Finn, Eden and their friend Dante in the action category. They decided the branch was big enough for 3 and took off across the park with it. They organised themselves by size and age....it was very sweet as Finn and Dante were good friends but let Eden the new arrival join in as if he'd always been there.


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I haven't been on pf much lately...busy, busy so wasn't going to enter. But I see you need one more. Here's Maurice, the little black fella racing in the middle of the snowy road out front...he liked the snow.... and Matisse, the white one racing to me when practicing his recall. (actually both of them but Maurice is wayyyyy back there) That's an older picture. (hopefully you can turn the sideways one upright) That's about as much action as we could get on camera. lol.

maurice in playing in the snow 2019 Feb.jpg

unnamed (85).jpg

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As I prepare for my new Spoo I can鈥檛 stop thinking about how hilarious and special to me Gixxer (Jik-sir) was to me. So hey let鈥檚 enter him into the Action poodle category!

Poodle vs American Bulldog

Back when I first got him. He鈥檇 always come running to me through a sea of dogs like tunnel vision

Mid Wrestle face with my Bat-Poodle

And though we aren鈥檛 entering the water poodle category... 2 more of a special day.

Walking out on a limb. Gixxer鈥檚 friend Buddy teaching him how to swim for the first time! 20150620_123101.jpg
鈥淐mon out the lake is fine!鈥

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