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Asking for recommendations for a good anti itch shampoo and conditioner

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We are trying to relieve our Spoo,s constant itching. His skin is dry, he scratches frequently and is constantly chewing on his feet. Our vet says it is allergies and we are trying different things. $100/bag organic food, no gluten, no chicken, formulated for sensitive skin and stomach (we finally found something that doesn't trigger diarrhea) I supplement with organic probiotic yogurt and a few spoons of pumpkin puree and organic hemp oil. I give Charlie allergy tabs, and Scoot Stop tabs because he often worries at his butt/anal glands. I will probably need to buy online in Canada because we are in a little mountain town and the highway is often closed due to avalanches, the nearest bigger town is an hour away. Suggestions gratefully received.

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Poor Charlie :(

Gracie had chronic dry skin and I found this product didn't trigger any additional scratching:

But if it got really bad, I'd probably eliminate all commercial products my dog could come in contact with (including ones in our home, such as floor cleaners, fabric softeners, etc.) and just use water for bathing and small doses of fish oil to moisturize from the inside.

Really hoping you both get some relief soon! Have you tried limiting food to a single ingredient for a week?
We are down to just duck and potato food. He gets no people food. Took us forever to get his runny poop under control. I think I am going to buy fish oil, thanks

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I just read this today, while researching hypoallergenic shampoos for Peggy:

"Oatmeal may be soothing to the skin, but many animals have grain allergies and are likely to have problems with oatmeal in shampoo. Grain-based shampoos may also feed yeast and bacterial conditions."

And Peggy's groomer just texted me to say "NO OATMEAL!!"

So perhaps disregard my suggestion. I'm assuming oatflour comes with the same concerns.
Ok! Great heads up!

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Food allergies or environmental?
My Pia has both, she can only eat fish and buffalo, no chicken no beef no lamb.
I bathe her regularly because of my own allergies in Tropiclean shampoo, she was chewing her feet, Butt and had very runny eyes. She is currently on Apoquel.
I will look for this Tropiclean, thanks. Both types of allergies

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Did you get a thyroid panel done?
No, our vet says he is in excellent health except for the allergy symptoms. The vet proposed that we try Apoquel, a daily non steroid allergy tablet by prescription. Magic! Within hours all of his symptoms disappeared, and it has now been 6 weeks of serenity. His skin isn't flaky, it glows with good health. He has not chewed a paw once. No scratching. No raw skin patches from his raking claws. No side effects, just a calm, well rested Poodle with shiny hair and white skin between his toes instead of terrible red scabs and bumps.
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So difficult to figure out allergies. Pumpkin has helped my spoo’s with loose stool. Sometimes we try so many things I think perhaps it complicates the problem. Then to I think it takes awhile to rebalance their system so you can tell if what you’re doing is helping.
just a thought.
Magic! One Apoquel prescription tablet a day and all of his allergy symptoms vanished! Six weeks of no scratching or chewing, no side effects either.

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