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Aren't puppies cute!

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Jackson had been so good I thought I'd let him and Hoot outside for a few hours while I was out.

The good news is that his tail finally raised up. What's cuter than a ball of fluff waving back and forth?


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Lol, while it sucks to clean that up, you KNOW he had fun ripping it to shreds!
You gotta love puppies! It looks like they both have that mischievous grin kinda like, "I know it was wrong, but it was SOOO worth the fun!"

It's good you can take it in stride and realize it's just in their nature. Hope it won't take too much to fix.
I am all too familiar as well with the *joys* that puppies can bring as well. Look like Jackson had fun though!!
Funny but not so funny. He is looking better and better each day!
Lucky puppies have an awesome pool to swim in when the weather is warm.
With foster dogs its a good sign when they actually start acting like puppies. In the beginning it's very frightening for these poor guys. They are in a new environment with strange dogs and strange people. For a few days they usually are too scared to do much except stand back and observe.

Jackson is now very comfortable at home and seems pretty happy. I take him out everyday but he's still very shy and is hesitant to be friendly with either other dogs or people.

One of the complaints his previous owners had was his enthusiasm for swimming. He hasn't gotten into the pool yet at my house. Hoot also likes to swim when it's hot but it's been cooling off a little here in the Arizona desert (finally!). I don't mind a swimming dog...it's great excercise.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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