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It comes up here periodically and I had reason today to learn more from my boys vet.

Remo took a trip to the clinic because he seemed to be having tooth trouble. It could have been worse news. He's got more plaque and tarter build up than Neo, probably because he doesn't do as much dental bone chewing. He's going to need a cleaning within a year. And, no, I should but don't brush. I'm going to start trying, tho.

Dr. B suggested products from water additives and wipes to dental chews and brushing. He mentioned one company by name but the most important thing I learned about choosing products was to look for the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approval on the product. He described VOHC as the equivalent of the ADA for people.

I did some checking and found that this entity has been around since 1997.

link: Veterinary Oral Health Council

the cut to the chase:


About their creds:


and more on that:


I'm off to order some stuff now :)
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