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Archie's Next Adventure

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A couple of weeks ago as Archie and I were practicing a little bit of obedience, it popped into my head that he would be a great therapy dog someday. I let it pop right back out of my head, because I am busy. Really really busy! I focused on the "someday" part... someday, but not now. Over the next week, therapy dog work came up in conversations around me too many times to be coincidental. So today Archie took the TDI test and then did his first observed therapy visit. Smart boy passed with flying colors and was a hit with the residents in the rehab/nursing home. Two more observed visits that go well and he'll be able to don a therapy dog vest. My best boy is such a good boy!!
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Poodles make everybody smile -- Archie will create lots of happy moments for folks who don't have enough of them in their lives. That's a great gift to give.
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