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Archer is One! (Pic heavy)

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UFO vom Wildhaus “Archer” the German Shepherd Dog is one today. I always knew I wanted a German Shepherd, and he has far exceeded my expectations. He got his Expert Trick Dog title when he was only 11 months old, he’s always up for an adventure, he’s insanely well behaved, and so in tune with me it’s scary sometimes. He is currently 26” and around 78lbs. He’s got at least another year of maturing to do, so I’m guessing he’ll top out around 85lbs.
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Happy birthday Archer!
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Happy Birthday, Archer!!🎉🎁🎈🎊🎂
What a pretty boy! I love seeing the growth photos. Wishing you many more birthdays!
Archer is a lovely lad! Happy birthday to a very happy dog.
Ooooh.... love a nice black shepherd, gorgeous dog. Happy birthday Archer!
Happy birthday - you are one handsome dude.
Happy Birthday, Archer! You are growing into those alert ears. Good boy, all the best.
I love how goofy shepherds look when their ears first stand up, before the rest of the dog has grown to catch up. Total opposite of their adult majesty.
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