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Hi Skylar,
Oh no. That's the Jeanie I purchased my teacup toy poodle from. I'm so sorry, but thank you so much for sending this,
She loved poodles. The teacup poodle I purchased from her lived to be 17 1/2 years old and was healthy during his lifetime.
I'll just start all over again looking for someone like her with AKC teacup toy poodles.
How sad. :( If you need some resources to help get you started in your search, we’ve got some over here: Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder

These days you probably want to steer clear of terms like “teacup,” which are used for marketing purposes and can be a red flag for a breeder who’s aiming for the smallest possible toy poodle puppies—well below breed standard—regardless of the impact on their future health.

Hope you’ll keep us posted on your puppy finding journey. We’ve got many supportive, knowledgable members here, who are always willing to offer advice or a sympathetic ear. We’ll also be here to squeal with joy when your new puppy comes home. :)
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