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Anyone familiar with these folks?

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I see a couple females that are nice.
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How do i put this nicely? Um NO!!! I would Never buy a puppy from them! They look like they only breed because everyone is a parti. They dont mention any information about the dogs. No ages, no health tests performed, no titles won, nothing. They have 4! litters on the ground now (3 born at almost the same time). They just use the dogs they have (meaning they dont bother to go out and look for a good matched stud to their bitch). They have alot of females they breed from without any being proven in anything. They keep their dogs in a kennel ("poodle heaven", im sorry but poodle heaven in inside on the couch with you, not out in a kennel).

Im sorry, but i would keep looking. Have you contacted this breeder? She is in Virginia which is much closer to you.
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Thanks for your reply. It's so easy to get caught up looking at the pretty dogs and the pretty colors! I'm glad I found this forum.
No problem! It takes some time, patience and practice to look past pretty poodles on a website. What are you looking for in a breeder and in your poodle?
I obviously want a well adjusted poodle, friendly, good with the grandbaby, wants to be with us, is not aloof, athletic enough to go on the trails with us when we ride (in time, of course), not hyper, laid back, easy going, couch potato when we are, easy to house train, wants to comply, not stubborn or hardheaded (have a yorkie like that!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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