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Hello everyone! I’ve been making my own paw wax for a long time for use on my last dog who had very dry, cracked pads when I got him. He had already built up some calluses (he was a service dog) but I also used the wax because I’d heard it helps protect against hot concrete. Recently I was told it prevents calluses from building and can actually make it worse indirectly because of that. I have an adolescent standard (in training to be a service dog as well) and I’m trying to be extra careful with the weather, especially because of all the training we do outside of the house.

Does anyone have insight on the use of paw wax or maybe ways to help build up calluses to protect against some of the textures and temperatures on the ground? I’ve heard of products that are meant to help the toughening of pads but I’ve also heard some downsides to them. I do plan on buying him boots eventually, but because of how quickly he’s growing I don’t think it’ll happen this summer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)

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