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I'd be hesitant to use those.

Here's a recommendation from our MollyMuiMa, poodle mom to one of our best turned out poodle girls in the pawdicure department:

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NatalieAnne said:
Do you use specialty nail polish just for dogs? I see Ryan's pet supplies carries pet nail polish. How fast does it dry? Do you experience any difficulty with your dog wanting to lick his nails right way?
I do have 'dog' polish but it really is no different than human polish so I use both kinds (Sally Hansen is my fav for drying fast!).......

as far as her cooperating, I started doing her nails when she was a pup and I use a blow dryer on 'cool' to set the polish quickly, but I still have to hold her paw until it is set or it WILL smear......she has learned to be very still! It takes about 5 minutes per paw so it is a lengthy process for her! And No, she has never wanted to lick them! LOL!
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