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That is one cute puppy! 18 weeks old, Here is what I have done with pups that were 12 to whatever age. While you are waiting I will suggest you contact the training facility and ask if they offer free time in the arena. If they do set up a mini agility course yes agility not full jumps just very very low jumps and weave poles and cat walk etc and train/PLAY with your pup to build confidence. Do this without any dogs with you. When he is enjoying himself at a fast pace [you must have fun and use Good treats] add one more dog that is not interested in the puppy and very stable. Do not add extra dog for at least a week or two!!. This will not cure the separation anxiety but confidence building does amazing things for anxiety reduction.
Anyway that is what I have done in the past and it has always worked. You said your pup enjoys the dog store and the employees so this is a great sign that confidence building is the way to go.
You also mentioned that you suffer with anxiety as well so if you can bring a friend or trainer with you to also work the dog that would be great as when you introduce the other dog into the mix he must be handled by someone that does not carry that energy for the fist time..
Agility cannot be done on a puppy this young so be sure to make it clear you are doing confidence building and not "jumping" the dog,
Also cat tunnels can be bought for in house fun training

Good luck to you and I hope things get better, I am sure they will from what you have said about the little guy.
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