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Another poodle !

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So I been thinking that I want my own poodle now ! so maybe when Enzo turns 6 months I will consider getting my own :D
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My opinion is that you won't find more conscientious, honest, ethical standard poodle breeders anywhere than Susan Cook http://marquisdiamondstandardpoodles.com and Lori Horst http://harmonyhuntingpudels.com. They are not only knowledgeable and incredibly helpful, they are lovely people with a deep and abiding affection for their dogs, and I was lucky to have found them. I was looking for red, Susan had just sold her last one, and she directed me to Lori. Both of our poodles came from HM. Our light-apricot Barney's sire is Susan's Am/GR CH Antigua Don't Look Back, "Val." Lt-red/apricot Sacha's mama is HM's Dazzling Daisy and her sire is the adorable Trigger. Sacha looks exactly like Trigger, color and all. From what the late Ilse Konig wrote on her site, red standards have yet to attain the larger size of other more standard colors. Has anyone found an actual red standard that is taller than 24"?
Yes I been talking to Susan and she suggested Carolyn so I know I am in good hands :D

As for any reds being 24 inches I will ask Terry @ farleyD and see what he has bred and ask how tall they are etc.. Cello looks like a pretty good size and his kids have been placing and winning world wide
Carolyn at Mithril?
Yes I should be calling her and Terry again on friday I will let you guys know what happens. I am still working on my bf's approval. This is why I want to take Enzo with his dogs to the lake soon. lol
Carolyn's yet another good breeder. They're only a half-hour drive from my hometown.

We just took our poodles to the beach and they loved it! Didn't go in the water, though - maybe it was too cold. Good luck on the lake! Tell Enzo he'd better act like a retriever!
I was totally wrong about the current size of red poodles -- sorry about that. On shangrilapoodles.com, Ilsa Konig wrote that there are now reds up to 26"- don't know why I thought she said 24". 27" at the shoulder is the tallest of AKC's height standard, but I read somewhere that European poodles can be much taller and still compete in the show ring.
Congratulations to Barney! Out Newest UKC CHAMPION!!!
Congratulations to Barney! Out Newest UKC CHAMPION!!!
Who is that ?
Barney's Moms S'poo. He finished this weekend
Barney's Moms S'poo. He finished this weekend
O ok I first I thought he was one of your dogs that we didn't know about :D , Congrats Barney;s Mom Now you have to post picture ! what color is Barney ?
Barney's light apricot, 26 1/2" at the shoulder, and will celebrate his 1st birthday this Saturday. Should I bake a cake and take it to dog class? And how in the heck do I post a picture?
Thanks, Lisa!

Lisa, you were sweet to tell the poodle world about Barney! He had a ball, even at Friday's show when it poured all day.
You can either upload them with photobucket.com or attach them to your post The attachment button is right next to the smile face on the right ( paperclip icon)
I'm so proud of both of you Lynn. And he championed all in one weekend didn't he?
He did indeed! We were really surprised -- didn't expect anything, thought it would be good experience for the future.
Congrats on your wins and your new champion. Did you show him yourself and is he your first champion? Please post pics too!
My husband showed him - Bob can run (or trot, I guess) faster than I can! We just took him to the show to get experience, never expected him to win. It was fun, a UKC show not AKC. I could never show my dogs AKC -- they love to run up and down the mountain, in the brambles.....no manes or show coats for them. I'll post a picture when I figure out how to do it. Ah, you mean I've gotta read directions???

We'll be breeding Barney to Sacha in about 1 1/2 years. Sacha's red, 6 months old.
My husband showed him - Bob can run (or trot, I guess) faster than I can! We just took him to the show to get experience, never expected him to win. It was fun, a UKC show not AKC.
That is Awesome ! I know you must have felt great when you got the win !

Enzo's first show is this sat !!! we are so excited and scared lol only 12 poodles are entered but I don't know if all 12 poodles are coming. Every one is at the PCA nationals so less poodles will be at this show
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