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Another poodle !

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So I been thinking that I want my own poodle now ! so maybe when Enzo turns 6 months I will consider getting my own :D
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Here is some interesting info on the reds:
Deep and rich, a clear red very distinctly different from apricot. Some pups
who start off as Red can fade into a dark apricot or even in some instances
a light apricot with dark shading around the eyes and nose. Usually those
who fade so dramatically have ancestors who were silver or blue.

Although the Red color has existed in the Miniature and Toy Poodle for
quite some time, the Red color is very new to the Standard Poodle.

Red was introduced into the Standard Poodle by a breeder in Oregon,
Palmares Kennels, and Shangri- La in New York.

These two breeders bred a small english apricot Standard female with an
over-sized red Miniature The first litter had 4 red babies. The color was a
perfect red but the problem came later on. The heads were Standard
Poodles, the legs short like Miniature Poodles.

It took many years of selective breeding to get the correct proportions, size
and temperament of the Standard Poodle.

When looking for a RED Standard Poodle it is imperative to ask for the
pedigree of the parents to see that the dogs go back to either Palmares or
Shangri-La. If NEITHER kennel name is in the pedigree then it is likely NOT
a red but an apricot.

Due to the increased popularity in the REDS many back-yard breeders are
selling Apricot pups as REDS.
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1 - 2 of 178 Posts
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