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Another Poodle Noob question

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So, when we first got Flip (our 7ish month old rescue standard) he was really white with cream ears, but the longer we've had him the DARKER he is getting.
The rescue paperwork calls him an apricot, I would have called him a cream.
Is it possible he will turn apricot?

Right now he is off white with an apricot stripe down his back, on his ears and feet are apricot too.

I am 99.9 % sure he was from a crappy BYB or even a puppy mill, as his coloring is likely 'wrong'. His nose is getting liver and the rims around his eyes and his paw pads are lightening up too.

I don't really care, I am just curious as to what he might turn into.

Regardless, he is such an awesome dog, I am so glad we rescued him. <3
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He sounds like he will darken into a cream or light apricot, but I am not positive at all, just guessing. From the pics I've seen, he's adorable though! I love how his feet and ears are dark... It's so cute!
I thought Desmond would darken as well, because he grew this dark apricot fur on his rump and shoulders and his ears were really dark when we got him, and I was just sure he would turn apricot for a while. A few months later, you can see the really light colored roots under even the darkest hairs, and he's lightening up everywhere else too. It's pretty crazy. You can look through his fur and see a little mishmash of different shades all over the same hairs- it always reminds me of caramel swirled icecream! :)

So basically I have NO idea how poodle color changes works but we'll just have to wait and see what they will look like when they are older.
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