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Another first for Saleen

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This is kind of dumb but I have to share anyway LoL. Jazz is crate trained but she has never, ever slept in the crate since we brought her home in Oct. In fact I didn't even have a crate at home until the day before hubby picked up Saleen. While Jazz didn't need a kennel we KNEW a young puppy certainly would. Still though, the night I brought her home I tried to get her to sleep in the bed with us. No dice. Since we didn't feel like having to put up with the screaming both Jazz and Saleen slept in our little halway area for the first few nights. It's gated off so it's kind of like a big X-pen. Anyway, we started crate training which was a HUGE pain in saleen's case. Never before have I had such difficulty teaching a puppy to kennel. It took three weeks but we got it done and now she is perfect in the kennel.

Last night, I got a wild hair and decided Saleen should cuddle on the bed while I read a book before going to sleep. It's common for Jazz to be allowed to do this but Saleen thus far has NEVER been allowed in the bedroom since that first night unless it is to go in her kennel. She didn't quite know what to think when I put her on the bed but figured out that it was super comfy up here and like any princess would she found and claimed the very middle of the bed. I read for another hour or so with john already sleeping next to me and Saleen between us. When I finaly gave up on my book I didn't feel like getting out of bed to put Beanie in her kennel so I just flipped off the light and feel asleep. That could have spelled disaster but this morning at 7:30 when Mr. Wonderful started making noise to tell me he had to go out and pee I woke up and found Saleen in exactly the same spot as when I went to sleep the night before. LoL, She hadn't so much as changed position.

She didn't want to get up either, when I poked at her to wake her up so I could get up (she was laying on my feet) she kind of just cracked an eye open like the cats do and told me to take a hike lol. When I did finialy get her to get up all she did was turn around and crawl further up the bed between john and I and settled back down with her head on my shoulder. LoL, can we say awwwww LoL. It was very cute :)

I'm going to try not to get in the habit of letting her sleep out like that, she's still in that seek and distroy puppy stage so I think that it would just be asking for it to not put her in her kennel. I might though allow her out once or twice a week and see how we do... I'll just have to remember to hide my shoes and stuff just in case.
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Oh, what a cute story. Saleen has now discovered where she wants to sleep, so she probably stayed real quiet and still figuring that this way you would let her stay on the bed or that you had possibly forgot about her being there. I really do believe that poodles are very intelligent, and "reason" like a human does. I find it very interesting watching ours "think" b-4 they do or don't do something.
Very cute story

Thats what happens here wonderpup. Most of mine arent allowed as pups only due to their small size, they can hurt themself by falling off, and cant get back on without waking me. Plus I wait till an age where they can hold their bladder alot longer.

I have my 4 girls on the bed, then boys are in their crates at night. A couple will pee everywhere if I didnt keep my eye on them but they dont mind or fuss over it.
awwwwwwww! so tempting but i still keep my bed to myself! lol
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