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ANNOUNCEMENT. Big mistake on my part! This morning I uploaded the pics for June Voting Poll in the Photo Contest, but got a message from Poodlebeguiled that I put one of her two photo entries in the Media Poodles Category instead of both photos in the Traveling Poodle Category. Once a Poll begins, it cannot be edited.

Click here for the new thread with the new Poll at this link.

So far five members have voted and no one else seems to have noticed the error. This is likely b/c one of the photos looks like her poo is looking at a wide screen tv while sitting next to flowers in a living room. The view on the "tv" is actually the window of her car!!! What a blunder! I have closed and deleted that thread and created a new thread & Voting Poll with the correction.

My apologies for any inconvenience to the five who already voted. Just go vote again in the new, correct Poll. It is open until next Monday, July 1st, around 6:30 pm EST or 3:30 PST.

Thank you,

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