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Aloha from the Big Island

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Aloha. We are long time poodle lovers (47 years) and have had every size except for a teacup. We currently have a red standard named Scarlett Angel, but called Scarlett. She turned a year old in June. She is currently looking for a little sister, preferably a small mini or toy, as I'm disabled and need a lighter weight baby. Scarlett is a big girl at around 60 pounds, but is still growing into her height. As her picture shows, she loves to smell our flowers.
The regulations and quarantines for Hawaii are incredibly expensive and time consuming, costing about $2-3,000 and taking 11-14 months. So, I'm trying to find a female on the islands. If anyone knows of a breeder, please let me know.
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Welcome and good luck finding a pup out there in your part of the world.
Aloha. Oh boy, those regulations are difficult so I hope you are able to find a good breeder. Have you tried contacting your local poodle club? https://www.apps.akc.org/apps/club_search/index_master.cfm?club_id=890
welcome. don't know if she's still reachable via pf, but a member named oreo's mom is from hawaii - oahu, i think. she may be able to help with some info. you can use the custom search to look her up here at pf. also there is a poodle club (not a large one) in hawaill and you can look up the rep by googling.
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Thanks for the wonderful welcome and good info. Have a great rest of your day and a wonderful tomorrow.
Welcome to the forum !

You can say you’ve had every size because teacup isn’t a size. It’s just a made up term to make an unusually small puppy more marketable. Stay away from breeders who use it.
Your poodle is so cute!
I love Hawaii it is so pretty there!
Hello and welcome. I had no idea residents were required to pay so much money for bringing in a dog, although I was aware of the quarantine process. I wish you luck with your search.
Welcome to you and beautiful Scarlett! Good luck in your search for her little sister!
Aloha and welcome! Surely there are some good breeders in your beautiful State. It may involve getting on a waiting list. Best wishes on your search for a little sister for Scarlet.
Aloha! You live on my favorite of the Hawaiian islands :)

I thought quarantine requirements had changed so they weren't so bad? Or maybe they've changed again since I looked into it (I considered moving to Hawaii about 10 years ago!).

I hope you and Scarlett find a new baby soon :)
Thanks so much. Babies are so much fun! This is Scarlett as a baby, the day we bought her home (8 weeks old).

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Sooo cute :love:
Thanks. She's about 60 pounds now. How fast they grow! LOL!

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