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All natural flea and tick treatments that actually work?

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I used the Seresto collar for my toy poodle puppy last summer, and it worked well warding off fleas and ticks. However, what I didn't like was that whenever I kissed my dog's hair, it felt like I had a film of some chemical on my lips! Our toy poodle also sleeps in our bed, so I'm sure the chemical from the collar was all over the sheets. Yuk. I'm not a fan of giving my little toy an ingestible like Bravecto, and I want to see if I can avoid the Advantix/Frontline systemic stuff.
I'm in search of an all natural flea and tick treatment, and from the research I've done Cedar Oil and Rose Geranium Oil both work well. I saw a product named Cedarcide that I will try. Has anyone tried this product for tick/flea control, and does it work? I also will try the Rose Geranium Oil (there are two types, Pelagonium Graveolens oil or Pelagonium Capitatum Xradens oil) not sure if anyone has experience as to which is better? Also, would love to hear about any other natural flea and tick treatments that you've used that you found actually work....
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Good idea PeggyTheParti, I just googled it and there's one in the next town over. I take my dog to a traditional vet, and I'm very traditional about most things healthcare related for both my family and my dog. However, I'd like to go more natural with the flea/tick treatments. I'm going to try this Cedarcide spray. It also comes in a stronger tick spray, but that's only for dogs over 20 pounds. It gets good reviews...
Amazon.com : Natural Cedar Oil Insect Repellent formerly known as Best Yet now called Cedarcide Original (Pint) Biting Insect Spray Kills and Repels Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas and Chiggers : Garden & Outdoor

This is the one for bigger dogs, wish I could use it on my little guy but he's too small:
I have used Cedarcide spray for my yard and found it helpful and seems to work well for ants too.
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I wonder what holistic vets would have to say about this? We've got one about an hour away from us that I'd like to consult with at some point. Do you have one nearby?
We’ve worked with 3 different holistic vets. Bug Off garlic tablets from Springtime was recommend. We also use Kin-kind spray for extra protection typically once a week when I know we will be in high risk areas. No issues. My pup has NEVER had any chemicals like frontline or whatever they sell now. No fleas and no ticks. Also the healthier the dog, the less attractive they will be for pests. Diet is important!
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Thanks! What's the dose for the garlic tablets, is it by weight? How often do you give them? Also....for some reason I thought that garlic was toxic to dogs?!
My baby gets 1/2 tablet every day. It goes by weight. They are chewable. A standard poodle would need 1-2 tablets per day. Garlic is actually very beneficial to dogs in small quantities. Large amounts it can be toxic tho so follow the recommended dose on bottle.
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