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"mine" the one that "she" took to her house told me she wanted to have her tested for LCP then would not give back..........VERY long story but my friend told me that the AKC would not allow you to change a dogs reg name anymore IF the dog has points on it, and well now looks like she does so "she" is stuck with the name! LOL sorry, my little but of laughter fro this situation keeps me from exploding about it lol. "She" did NONE of the work to get the dog in the coat condition and lead trained, stack trained ect to get her the points, "she" has not even finished the tests that were supposed to be done and she has had her since the end of March and now "she" is going to finish this pup to add to her breeding program even though it is VERY possible according to all the tests and symptoms so far that she has Bilateral LCP instead of spaying her like she should and adopting her to a good home.

This is NOT what I believe should should be done I do not believe it is ethical because to me she is just placing anyone that purchases a pup from her at risk of having LCP brought into thier lines because "she" is not being responsible enough to do the right thing becasue she is kennel blind and get the sire and dam as well as all full siblings altered and take them OUT of her breeding program. Sorry had to vent a little, I try not to get angry about it, because of her illness, but D&%* it is is very hard. After investing everything I did into the 2 pups I got from her then to have 1 having FHO surgery Tue for LCP and have the other showing symptoms and some signs of it on xray.......grrrrrrrrrrr.... "let it blow over" I know.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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