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Aggressive Play?

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Moose is super playful but also scared of EVERYTHING. Once he gets to know someone or dog he wants to play play play.

Well he was around Rusty (in other thread) and after about 30 minutes of hiking at the lake moose started nipping at him and running at him to try to get him to play... rusty wanted nothing to do with it and moose kept it up.

I finally had to pull moose away and leash him because he was doing it so often and forceful he was almost knocking rusty down (who is now almost as tall as moose but weighs a lot less).

How do I stop this?
I told him no, held him there, etc, but when he's happy and wants to play he TOTALLY ignores anything else.

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Sounds like he needs some basic obedience training ;)

When he starts to get onto the other dog stand over him and kind of stiffen up and make your voice very low and tell him "Thats enough!" and nudge him with your knee/leg and when/if he looks at you praise him and get him to walk away from the other dog with you. If he keeps at it and do an "AH AH" at him and then "Thats enough!" and a bump, then have him walk away. If he keeps at it do the "AH AH" and then grab him by the cheek (gently) and look him dead in the eye and give the low "Thats Enough" and lead him away by the collar. After you lead him away give him something to play with like a toy or a ball.

Good luck!
Another suggestion is more time with lots of different dogs (i.e., more doggie socialization). Some of them will be more than happy to correct his behavior, and he should learn from that. :)
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