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Age and health tracking apps?

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Does anyone use a phone app to track their dog’s age, weight, immunizations, etc? I’ve seen one that tracks a dog’s age in real time and in “dog years” which looked fun. I’ve seen another that also tracked weight which is fun those first 18 months, and can be helpful during times of ill health. It displays weight as a graph.

Anyone have a favorite or have a negative experience to report?

In poodle news, i get to meet my puppy in 8 days! She will be 6 weeks old for this first meet and greet. There are two girls to choose from. I expect it’s going to be a hard choice! She will be coming home around Thanksgiving.
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I haven’t used an App, but have my dog’s vital info in the Notes App on my iPhone: weight, shot record, registry info, etc.
Thank you, Scooterscout. I do use my notes app a lot. I think I’ll keep looking for something more structured though. I’m giving an app called 11Pets a try.
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