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Hello! I hope everyone is going alright.
Yesterday i gave cookie his deworming treatment. Supposed to gave it to him on last October. (Yes am a few days late)
Today cookie doesn’t seem to have much appetite. I gave him chimken and rice to soothe his tummy (cause his stool was rather soft yesterday evening). After giving it a sniff, he just licked his lips and doesn’t want to eat. But he ate a bit of cooked egg yolk though.
and he vomited bile this morning (which never happened for quite a long time now. And our routine is still the same.) and then again in the afternoon.
He has just pooped, and it was almost like diarrhoea. Thick porridge consistency (i hope no one is eating right now. I’m sorry).
No worm in sight. Or there were? Lol i saw a bits of uh smol rice like in the stool. But I’m not too sure if that was worm. Oh and i gave him drontal. 1/2 pill since he’s 5kg (11lbs)
I have just gave him 1/2 tsp of honey.
is this normal to happen after deworming? Please help?
and i’m cooking rice water as his dinner later. I read it’s good to relieve diarrhoea.
also, i read in website it’s good to give probiotics pills. But since i have no idea about where to get that, yogurt works ?
but yogurt is dairy though.. should i even give him that?
thank you so much for your help :(

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I would give him rice water today, and perhaps a little chicken with the rice tomorrow. If appetite and stool don't improve in another 24 hours, or if he seems worse, I'd contact the vet - in fact I might phone the vet immediately just for reassurance. Lack of appetite and diarrhoea are known side effects of Drontal, and the bile vomit is probably the effect of an empty stomach.

I'd skip the yoghurt in case it further upsets his tum, but perhaps ask your vet to recommend a probiotic for future use. I am using Protexin Pro-Kolin Enterogenic sachets for Poppy - fingers crossed they seem to be helping, but it took over a month for the effects to show.
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