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Advice needed

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I got my new toy poodle last week, he is a nearly one year old male, he came with a full vaccination certificate.

I live on a small housing compound with one main road around it which is where everyone walks their dogs as there is nowhere else. I am lucky as I have a nice safe backyard too.

Anyway last night I got a phone call to say one of the other dogs onthe compound has got parvos. I was wondering that even though my guy has been vaccinated can he still get it? what other precautions should i take?

He was a little sick early tonight but it looked just like unchewed food, and he went the loo twice on his walk which is a little different to normal but his activity level has been fine, not overally lethagic.

I'm a new dog owner and I have been know to " over worry" (or so my hubby says) about things but I just want to do my best by my pet.

Sorry for the long rambling question.

Rue and Twix
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I would not wait. I would at least call your Vet even with the slight possibility he came into contact. And I have read that vaccinated dogs can still get parvo although it might not be as serious or life threatening, but it is a puppy.

Also - do you know what happened to the dog? I hope others take it seriously in the area you are in.

Good luck
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