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Michelle (your breeder!) comes to my house to groom my two poodles. She brings a folding grooming table -- nothing fancy. It is very easy to get the dogs up on the table. The dogs stand nicely without being tied. I imagine that not all poodles would be so cooperative, but Cleo is pretty mellow, right?

I would be very careful about tying a dog to a grooming table. I've heard of dogs being killed because the groomer stepped away and the dog jumped off the table hanging itself. I guess it is OK if you are right there 100% of the time. I'm sure the groomers here know more about that than I do, but it makes me nervous.

Here are a couple of pictures of Michelle grooming Sam on her portable grooming table. (For those who don't know, Sam is Cleo's daddy.)

PS. Sorry about the upside down and sideways photos. Not sure how to correct that.


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