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So today we took Leeroy out to the pet store and we heard someone walk by and say 'hey it's a poodle!' We looked back at who said it and they had a fellow poodle! It was much larger and had the classic poodle cut. I was so excited. That's a huge deal as I live in the middle of Alaska and there are comparatively fewer people in this state and it's so spread out.

As we were checking out, an older gentleman asked to pet Leeroy, and he asked if Leeroy was an actual poodle. He was so excited that he was, and made the comment that poodles are getting so rare as nowadays you just see the mixes.

Anyway I never thought I'd get so excited over seeing another poodle, lol! Normally people are so shocked that Leeroy is a full poodle. Everyone compliments him and his behavior.

Just had to share that story.

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