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PF is having a hot photo contest this month! Entries are fun and accepted thru Monday, and you can chose one of three categories. Here's the link to come see and/or join.

1) Fashion Poodles! - Your poodle or poodle-mix is accessorized! A scarf, bow or ribbon, sunglasses, hat, rain boots, a little skirt, a floppy hat, bow or neck tie, a fancy-schmancy collar, bling necklaces, whatever!

2) Country Poodles! - The background setting of this/these photos could be a shot at the farm or a barn, a dip in a lake, a run thru the woods, hunting, at a country fair, whatever makes one think of a rural or country area.

3) Town & City Poodles! These can be, but do not have to be, shots of "pretty" places; they can reflect the gritty city life, which may be an interesting contrast to the natural beauty of the poodle.

Here are some samples of a city, country, or fashion poodle pics:

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