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A show in NZ (not poodle related)

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We just had a show here this weekend, actually it's on again tomorrow too but I won't be there tomorrow, so I'll just post today. Haha!

I have been a steward today, so I haven't really had any chance to take photos until the best of show ring where I was waiting about while the judge went over the dogs he hadn't already judged etc, so all of these photos are from within the 'In show" ring!

the baby puppy in show line up is always CUTE

Jak should be able to update on how he goes tomorrow with Duke. He got best of breed today, but nothing in group.
Here he is with Saffy, watching the in show ring:

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Just for Arreau

best in show went to the rottie:

and runner up in show to the rough collie:

All the other pics I got are here: http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j162/flyingduster2/WKA show 2010/ :)

Jak got pics of the poodles (there were only minis and toys) so hopefully he'll post some later too.
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Great photos, Flyingduster!!! Feel like I am there. Love the photo of Jak and Saffy--"This showing business is hard work!" Also, went to your album and looked at your photos. Thanks for posting them.

Hey, I just went back and looked at the slideshow of yesterday's show. Loved all the puppies. Especially one with Norwich Terrier looking at its handler/owner (think it was Norwich, not Norfolk). I confess--I snuck a peek at your grooming and rally albums! Hope you don't mind.
yup it's a wee norwich puppy (norwich have pointy ears. I remember it cos I liken them to a witch [norwich] hat! lol. Norfolk have floppy ears. :)), s/he was SOOOO cute and the 'epitome' of a terrier puppy; FULL of spunk and trouble, you could see the glint in it's eye from across the ring! lol!

I stopped in again today to pick up my chair I'd left behind yesterday (oops, it's my camping chair, and we're leaving to go camping tomorrow so I do need it!) and Jak had done ok again with Duke, but he hadn't gone in for the group competition yet so not sure if he got anything there...

And of course ya can nosey through my other albums! I wouldn't put any photos online that I didn't want to share anyway, some of them are funny to look back on too! hehe
Here's hoping Jak has some more good news to report!
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