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A Red Letter Day for Galen

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We own what New Englanders call a camp - an unheated shack in the woods at the end of a 3/4 mile dirt road. Yesterday we drove up to sweep the place out and turn on the well pump. It was almost the most thrilling day Galen has had in his very short life. He got to ride on the back floor of the pickup truck with Pogo, just like a big dog. (He got to take several of his favorite toys, and Pogo even let him take a squeaky tennis ball.) He saw and heard his first loon. He practiced going down the longest staircase he has ever seen after discovering he can squeeze through the rails of the baby gate at the top. He plowed through leaf piles. He sniffed the trail of a very pungent animal (a red fox, according to our game cam.) He ran over next door to meet the neighbors. Neighbor guy is big and tall and deep voiced and kind of scary of you are just a puppy, but he turned out to be nice.

Galen lost a tennis ball in the lake, which wasn't so nice. None of the humans would go get it for him. Even Pogo wouldn't jump in after it, so the tennis ball just floated away. Playing with a crinkly spring water bottle was almost as much fun as a tennis ball, however.

Galen slept very soundly last night :)
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Sounds like a wonderful and memorable day!
Fun day. lots of excitement.
Glad Galen had a blast.
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