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A poodle, really?? But she's so big???

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I knew there were few standard poodles in our area, but people really flip out when they ask what kind of dog she is and I respond she is a standard poodle. Most people have only seen minis and toys and think that a poodle can't be big. Oh and of course her parti coloring throws them even more. One lady even came up to me and said "My husband and are pretty sure your dog is part poodle, but what is the other part, we think dalmation." What a mix that would be and it might even look like Poppy, well at least her ticking. My response was her other half was poodle also.

I knew I would have to explain her coloring, and am happy to and provide people with a little breed knowledge. I just didn't expect I would have to explain a standard poodle so much.

Poppy loves all of the attention and I like to do a little Standard Poodle education.

Anyone else have to deal with "Oh, she's/he's so big to be a poodle?"
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LOL Dal/poodle... that's cute. :)
I've never had someone deny that he's a poodle, but everyone goes "OH MY GOSH that poodle is huge!" or "Look at that giant poodle!" It's funny haha. Most of the standards here are also really gangly or groomed funny/overgrown, so they always always say how "well groomed" he is, or how "clean" he looks lol, even when he's really shaggy and hasn't had a bath or shave in several weeks hahahah. It cracks me up every time, I'm just like "...really? Well, thanks, I guess haha"
We actually have lots of poodles here, as I've discovered from working at a grooming salon lol. I've only ever seen maybe 4 or 5 different poodles at the pet store/dog park, but I've seen several standards, minis, and toys coming in and out of the shop.

When he was a puppy, we got SO many golden/labradoodle comments... it was outrageous. We shaved his face & feet, and those comments went away. :) There are TONS of doodles in this area.
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I do the regular face tail and feet shaving to avoid the 'is he a something oodle' comments. How times have changed, we used to have him looking like an oodle intentionally :)

I get the size thing occasionally, and he's only a mini, but there are alot of toys where I live.:rolffleyes:
When I tell people that Buddy's a standard poodle their response is always "oh I don't like those little yippy dogs." My response is always "well he's not a little yippy dog, he weighs 60 pounds." Everyone is astounded to find out that poodles get that big. I like to explain the breed history at that point and watch their eyes glaze over. And of course I whip out my phone and bore them with pics.

Right after we got Buddy I was talking about him and my 10 year old cousin picked up on the fact that I kept saying "him" and "he." She says to me, "wait wait wait, what do you mean he?? Poodles only come in girls!" It was pretty funny, we still laugh about it today.
Right after we got Buddy I was talking about him and my 10 year old cousin picked up on the fact that I kept saying "him" and "he." She says to me, "wait wait wait, what do you mean he?? Poodles only come in girls!" It was pretty funny, we still laugh about it today.
Haha that's funny. My boyfriend was telling me the other day that when he was little he thought cats were girls and dogs were boys.
We had a client come into the shop a few days ago and ask me if Lacey was a poodle. I said, "yes she's a standard poodle." She said,"Oh a standard poodle, I thought the standard called for a much smaller size."
We had a client come into the shop a few days ago and ask me if Lacey was a poodle. I said, "yes she's a standard poodle." She said,"Oh a standard poodle, I thought the standard called for a much smaller size."
Hahahaha, that's a good one!!
I'm glad you posted this. It happened to me all day long today. I don't know why. I got done early today and took Allie and Reece with me to the nusing home and to get my car washed. Everyone I encountered asked "what kind of dog is that?" When I tell them they say "Poodles get that big!?!?!?" Then they see Reece in my arms and say "Oh look, It's a mamma and baby." To which I say "no, actually this one is a toy, she is 4 yrs old. and this one is a standard, she is 9 years old." No relation at all. Most just walked away shaking their heads. :fish:

It is funny, but if I explained it once, I explained it 20 times today.:rolffleyes::)
LOL there are some standards here ( I know cuz I groom them) but I rarely see them out and about.

I think people are more confused when they see Brian and Kaden (who are in continentals ) as to what breed they are. I have just started joking with people and saying..."well the breeder said she would only get to be 5 pounds "

Im funny like that
I get this all the time too, especially when we visit in the hospitals and care centers. I've heard, "Wow! That's like a poodle on steroids!" or "What kind of a doodle is that? or "That's not a poodle, it's so big!" or "Is that a labradoodle, or a goldendoodle?" or like the others, "I didn't know poodles got so big!" I usually explain how they were originally this size and they were bred down to be smaller. They're usually duly shocked. Then when they hear that they were duck hunters, that really gets them. Makes me smile. After they get to know her, many have said something like, "She's a really great dog! So why do they need to mix them with labs and goldens?" I just shake my head.
lol yup I've had a guy try to argue that Paris can't be a poodle, cos poodles don't get that big.... Most people are shocked at her size when they see her at work too, but it doesn't help that she jumps up to the half-door to look over, so her head is then at chest height! lol

I've heard someone joking before about how if they bred their pit bull with their poodle, any pups that comes out poodle is a girl and if it's pit bull it's a boy. lol!
Just last weekend a couple pulled their car to the curb, got out and ran to catch up to us (I had all 3 w/me at the park). What kind of dogs are they??? They look like Poodles! Duh. I'm amazed by how many people think Poodles are either Toys or Minis, and have no idea there's a Standard.

Then again, while in Petsmart w/Lucia getting a 20' training lead, this woman shrieked, "OMG! LOOK at that Poodle! OMG!" Well, people DID look, and several came over while this woman went on and on about how she hadn't seen a Standard of this quality in years, and went on to show and explain to her friend why Lucia was about as close to perfection to breed standard as you can get, lifting Lucia's chin, oohing and ahhhing about her gorgeous head, talking about her front, and explaining about her perfect rear angulation! Lucia was oh-so-gracious in accepting the touching (mauling!) of her topknot, her butt, and even putting up with this woman cooing over her pretty little Poodle feet while she kissed one! LOL She finally pulled away and, placing her paws on my arms, she stood to look me beseechingly in the eyes, reminding me that hey, we were on our way to the park, mom!

Bottom line, with a Standard, you're going to get all kinds of attention, wanted, and not wanted!
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I have Nigel my parti spoo pup now 7 months old and two giant schnauzers.
Talk about questions...NO-ONE knows what a giant schnauzer is. So I am constantly explaining the breed and get all the comments "didn't know they came that big", "is that a giant scotty?", "are they yippy like the mini's?"
"how come they are black" etc.

Now I'm getting the same questions about Nigel, more so because he's a parti.

The dogs come to my pet boutique/spa everyday and people who are first time visitors are amazed.

I explain so much I feel like a tape recording...my poor employee's have it down too.

Now people come and bring friends just to see the dogs. It's like owning a petting zoo. I should start charging admission. :rolffleyes:
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everyone's answer is very funny. i guess because of jessie's color, i've been asked if she's a portugese water dog? i guess the president has one, so now that's the trend. the other night while walking her a group of teenagers passed by and i heard one say "wow, a GIANT poodle" i laughed to myself because the image i got in my head was some monstrous poodle hovering over the city of new york, coming out from behnd skyscapers, etc. lololol
I've had people tell me that Ivy must be mixed with a Greyhound because she's so thin. :doh:
I've had to explain to people that Spoos are supposed to be thin dogs, and she is only 9 months old and still growing a bit.
She is thin at about 24-25" and 37 lbs, but she looks really good.

When I walk my roomies about 28", 75/80 lb Spoo people are speechless.
Cricket and CLover are not that big, so I don't get comments on size, but I do get asked what breed they are alot. No one seems to know! LOL! Then they are surprised when I say standard poodle, and say, "I didn't know that poodles came in red!" LOL! Sometimes people act like they've encountered some rare endangered species!
funny how we all go through the same stuff!! don't ya just LOVE the attention they get? from curiosity to awe !!!!!
I get this all the time too, he is a little large for miniature and his phantom colouring seems to throw everyone off, despite that he has his feet and face shaved.
In my area, standard poodles are becoming a little more common, but doodles far outnumber the poodles. My guys are mistaken all the time for being a doodle - even though their haircut definitely says "POODLE".

But, that's OK . . . . .I think standard poodles are the hidden little secret of the dog world. The fewer people own them, the better off the breed will be hidden from mass production.
Yup Yup Yup i get that all the time! "wow he's SO big", when Mister is only 50 pounds so really he's a small standard, the size of a female. I tell people that he's a Standard and that they came first and are hunting dogs and were actually bred down into the Miniature then the toy.
It does get tiring comstantly explaining to people but its our job having a Spoo i suppose :) I would imagine that you have to explaine ven more since you have a parti too.
Just educate them and move along lol.
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