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A little Mitchell Update

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So Mitch has been with us for 2 months now and he's such a dream :)

He's brought a lot of joy to our house, and even my Dad has started to warm up to him. My dad wasn't quite ready to bring a new dog into the house after losing his heartdog of 17 years in July.

Mitchell has taught Matrix how to play like a DOG, and Matrix couldn't be happier. Matrix LOVES having a "little" brother to tug with and be rough with.
For the past 6 years, I have been Matrix's favourite person, but alas, I have been shafted by Mitchell. I came home the other day after taking Mitch to the dog park and Matrix was there to greet us at the top of the stairs. I got a wag and a few kisses, but Mitchell got full bodied wagging, multiple licks and endless sniffs. Yes...I'm a little jealous that Matrix is happier to see Mitch than me :rolffleyes:
Jealousy aside, I think the BEST thing to come of Mitchell joining us has been seeing the difference in Matrix. He's happier and more animated than ever before.

Mitch has also helped me to be less shy. I don't go LOOKING for conversation at the dog park, but I no longer avoid talking to people.

I love my Mitchy. He's such a sweet boy, and has the cutest face. I'll stop bragging now :p
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:Locket That is great news !

I am glad he is doing so well with you and your family. Its amazing how dogs can bring out other dogs personalities. I also love how he is making you become less shy :) I used to be shy when I was younger and my GSD really helped me with that too!
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