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A few randoms

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The poodles playing around and one of Pyrrha after I gave her a haircut yesterday. I still need to run the snap over it a bit more the more I look at her.

I love the second photo, I wish it had come out a bit cleaner. I might see what I can do in photoshop!


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Awww she looks perdy with her new hairdo :) Which comb did you end up using?

Love that second pic too, "Look what I've got!" LOL
Ohhhhh, more sticky dogs! LOL I really like your white one.
I did an A snap on Pyrrha, i havent gone back over it with scissors. It was my day off and it took awhile to rough her in, bathe, dry all in one session and she's a big girl and gets tired easily. I think next week i'll bathe her and fluff dry her again and then scissor it up. I don't like making her stand on the table for too long, she's pretty nervous on the grooming table or anything that involves a small space.
wow I love the first picture. your shepherd is dancing!
what fun they are having! I just love dogs don't you? lol
Your dogs are very pretty and they look like they are having so much fun!
Beautiful dogs you have there! Looks like the poodles REALLY wanted that stick the shepherd has, and it looks like the shepherd is saying.. "ha, ha, you can't get it!" LOL
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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