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A Christmas Card I made

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I know my sister (spoospirit) put a card on she made with all of our spoos under her Christmas tree, but I made this card and thought I'd share it with everyone. :)
My spoos.. in line.. Grace, Ivy & Chantel. Grace loves to retrieve anything... including frozen snow chunks...lol.

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Poodles in action... What a great capture! I guess the all that snow doesn't bother them at all. We hardly ever get snow on the coastal here in NC. B.ut when we do it is a big deal, even if it just covers the ground.
Super sweet ! Love the spoo with the snowball Great job !
Love it, Diane! Thanks for sharing it.

We have about 9-10 inches on the ground here and I'm having trouble getting Teddy to come inside after he goes potty. Earlier today I saw him chewing on something and when I made him spit it out, I saw it was a small chunk of ice. LOL! He loves it.
Thanks - such sweethearts! I sware poodles are the most beautiful dogs! I have not seen one I didn't like!
Beautiful card. They somehow look toasty even though outside. It's always great to see Gorky's sister.
what great card! i love the snowball in the mouth! lol
What a great photo and lovely card! I agree... the snowball in the mouth is a great shot to have. How long did that last?!
Your poodles are beautiful.
Great job!
Nice Dianne. I love the shot of Grace with the snowball in her mouth!
Diane-Perfect action shot of your lovely spoos! And the color combination came out great too-thanks for sharing!
Thanks everyone! I had thrown that chunk of frozen snow for Grace and she got it and retrieved it back to me....lol. It actually lasted for three throws before it got too small. Grace will retrieve almost anything. I am starting to train her to get things for me and to catch so I can do Frisbee playing with her. :)

I, too, think poodles are the most beautiful dogs to watch playing outside... I NEVER tire of watching them run and play together. It makes my heart feel full and I can't help but smile as I watch them. There is a certain grace about their movements and their attitudes are just so fun loving!

Hope you all enjoy your special doggie friends this Christmas as well as ALL your family members! Christmas is a time for love, giving AND forgiving!

Lot's of doggie kisses being sent your way! :santaclaus:
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where and how did you make the card? looks so cute!
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