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We did the dog from a great lines champion stock his parents won and was top dogs in Canada at the time. The dog had to be put down at 3 years old do to a very unstable temperment and could have killed a child in a second. We were told by a handler to lock him in a kennel with a key. We had him pts as what a life is that and for all invovled.

All the rest have been from homes and other then our Mastiff living till 6 do to bad hips which could be our fault or breeding have had great family dogs.

To the OP I would not buy a dog from someone that breeds her own dogs and demands I spay or nuter mine. Demands they go on to get CGC or other titles yet doesn't take the time to title her dogs. I imagine her prices are not cheap either. Kinda seams to me she wants to keep the market to herself on her breed of choice. My opinion though.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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