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A boy and his bird...

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One of my best friends got me a duck for my birthday... well... it's for me and Vinnie. Vinnie saw it for the first time and just plain lost his mind - he LOVES his "Donald". Donald has to stay on top of the fridge with the bumpers - for training only!

The other thing we have been working on... is a little obedience - I love this photo:

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Great photos! Vinnie continues to look awesome - how tall is he now? You can just tell what a fantastic working boy he's going to be.
Thanks! He is hovering between 17-18" right now. I have my fingers crossed he does NOT go over 18" (for agility purposes)
Ahh a boy and his bird, it must be a package deal or else! :)

Amazing rewards you and your handsome boy!
Wonderful photos!! Sure looks like he is having a BLAST. :)
I envy you and your retrieving Poodle! :p He is adorable as always and that duck looks like fun!
As always, I love to see pictures of Vinnie. I'm getting excited to start hearing how your obedience/agility/hunting trials go. I know you will do great. Vinnie is our inspiration.
:biggrin: Thanks!! He won't start any actual showing until late next year - right now we are just working foundation training. I can't wait. I am sure he will keep me humble!! LOL
He's still beautiful, as always! He's Vega's twin, im convinced.

Vega will fetch but sometimes he likes to play games and make you chase him in order to get it back and sometimes he brings it. It's always a toss up.
does he ever not have something in his mouth? I love that picture with the dumbell. He's looking so grown up, seems like yesterday you brought him home! Wish I wasn't having to take so much time off with Saleen... *sigh* I can't wait till he starts showing though, those should be some fantatsic pictures!
LOL - I would say he is carrying something around about 50% of the time. The other 50%, he is pestering Robin! :biggrin:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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