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Well I think as posted in someone elses thread you can't really walk away while grooming since the biting barking will have worked and he got what he wanted and you stopped bothering him.

He is a poodle and will need grooming so personally while I don't think tapping on nose is the trick a loud AH AH would do it with Casey. Some needs more firmer and a quick little shake on the collar NOT a shake the heck out of the dog but just a little grab and shake to remind him. biting is not acceptable.

Now your boy may not be feeling all that great so I would keep each brushing even shorter then on a well puppy 5-10 minutes always stopping on a good note with treats for even the shortest stand while brushing.

Puppies nip as that is all they know but how hard they nip is another thing.
I do the loud OW each time and that shocks them into stopping.
I will allow myhand in their mouth if they aren't hurting I want them to see a difference.

Everyone has different opinions this is what I do.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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