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Timberlandkim - Sal is simply adorable & will be an amazing new member of your family.

Since you are home all day (sorry to hear that) try taking Sal out about every 2 hours. I had shoulder surgery in January and was able to be home all day with my 5mo little girl for the first 6 weeks that I've had her. About every 2 hours I would take her outside and tell her to "get the bunny" (that's the command I use). As soon as she starts to go I say "Good girl get the bunny". (Praise is a must every time you get the behavior you want, AS SOON AS the behavior occurs.) I just went back to work a couple weeks ago and so far (knock on wood) I've had no puddles to come home to.

Just remember, he's an infant/toddler. At the same age humans are still in diapers. Be patient. The most recent pamphlet I got from the vet at Morgan's "new puppy" visit said that you can't expect them to hold for 8 hours till they are about 8-9mo old.

Good Luck.
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