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You're baby Sal is very cute, he looks sooooo tiny :) He almost doesn't look real, like a little stuffed toy. How adorable...

You got him at 5 weeks??? WOW! Thats against the law in alot of places, it is here in florida I know for sure. You need to understand that puppies do a lot of mental development between 4-16 weeks. They learn most of their vital life lessons that shape their behavior for the rest of the lives from their mother and littermates between 4-10 weeks. You're baby is missing out on that so raising him will be a little different from raising an average puppy.

You are expecting WAY to much from such a young puppy. Give him some time. Housetraining all by itself can take months, espeicaly with toy breeds. At this point I think you really kind of need to let him do as he pleases and just manage where he has access too so you don't have to worry so much about his potty habits. Maybe keep him in a pen with a litter box? Smaller dogs are really easy to litter train and it's a handy trick to know if the weather is bad :) All of our puppies are litter box trained before they leave for new homes. It doesn't seem to make teaching them to potty outdoors any more difficult than any other dog either so don't worry. It also keeps everything clean while they are learning.

As for him learning his name, don't worry about it right now, nor should you worry about sit for at least another couple of weeks. Come when called can take a year or more to be reliable so there too a puppy his age cannot be expected to learn it well.
Just say his name when you talk to him, but not over and over and over again all day long. That just teaches the puppy that whatever particular word you are using doesn't mean anything. Ever have a friend who talks non stop?? You tend to learn to tune out some of what they say?? It;s the same with dogs they learn to tune you out if you talk all the time lol.

I would say you wanting to avoid treats is not unusal as people go, I get a lot of people in my classes that tell me they don't want to use food to reward. I give them two options, do it my way or here is a number for another trainer who is going to tell you the same thing and boot them from class. You don't have to use unhealthy treats or even dog treats at all. You can just use your puppies regular food, when he starts eating hard food that is. I'll assume he isn't still on milk here... ?? Just take a tiny kibble or a little canned food on a spoon and use that to reward if you don't want to use any type of human food or dog treat. My 15 week old puppy only gets her dog food during training, except in training classes when she gets something better. So I don't give a lot of treats either, but I still use food as a reward. You get the idea?

Speaking of training, do a search for trainers in your area, and see if any of them offer puppy kindergarden classes. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THEM! Take it from somebody who's handraised a ton of small dogs. When they miss out on all or part of that mother/littermate interaction they are at higher risk for developing behavior problems like agressions, fear, retarded social skills, pushyness, and seperation anxiety. When you baby turns 10 or 12 weeks old getting him into a low key kindergarden class like that is going to build communication skills between the two of you and the rest of the family and will help head off any potential issues in the future.

Again Sal is a really adorable puppy but you've got your work cut out for you for sure! If you go ahead and relax a little on him now and put him in puppy classes when he is old enough you will definitly lay the groundwork for a super happy human dog relationship for many years.
Such great advice Wonderpup - I am beginning to think that the reason Ginger has had the fear problem is because the breeder gave her to me at barely 6 weeks - a little too young but she seemed to want to get rid of these puppies fast! Poor ginger must have missed her mommy.
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