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The weeks have flown by and my babies are 6 weeks . The date has already been set for the first puppy pickup. It’s going to be really hard to see a puppy leave.

Our boy was really not thrilled with the bath and drying so just would sit down and give me his stink eye expression. This guy is super layed back for a puppy.. he lets his sisters pin him and beat him up. He isn’t timid just not dominant at all. I’m hoping I can convince my mom she needs a third dog. He probably carries parti but I didn’t have him tested because of my mom doesn’t get him then I want him to go to a family home (unless it’s a family show home). He is going to make someone really happy. We did think about keeping him but it doesn’t make sense to keep two puppies right now.

Our Red girl . She’s going through a fear phase where she retreats right now but we are working her through it. I played the piano for them yesterday ( I really can’t play lol) and all the puppies sat down and stared. Her reaction was to sit down and then go she got up and went into the kennel. By the end of the day I had her wagging when I played the piano and coming for a treat.


Our apricot girl is just awesome . It came down between her and my cream girl. She’s the largest one right now at 3.42lbs so that is one of the reasons I’m not going for her. Our cream girl that we are keeping is 2.99lbs and more likely to stay insize ( smaller frame) .



Last puppy. This our cream /light red girl that we are keeping. She was difficult to take pictures of because she was wiggling all over. Carries Parti. Nicknamed Spotty right now until we find one that sticks. She hasn’t decided on what color she is going to be so I will just call her a cream. Very bold outgoing little girl and so mischievous. She is the smallest bit makes up with her attitude. Once I made the decision which one we were keeping the kids are starting to attach to her. There hasn’t been any complaints really other than they want to keep them all. Boy is a big favorite if all of them.

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