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52 weeks of 'Tuck Everlasting'

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Tuck is my second Standard Poodle after being introduced to the breed by 'Belle' Her 52 weeks has is on this forum. I have been in purebred breeds and the conformation show scene for 40 years. I have never owned or been owned by a Poodle, altho' I have stalked them ringside for many years. Why it took me so long I will never know, but I do know
I will never be without one from here on out. Totally infatuated with the breed. I understand why they are #5 on the List of most favorite breeds, but that scares me for the future of the breed.
Here is 'Tuck' at age of 5 or 6 weeks, before he came to me.
Dog Textile Yellow Carnivore Dress

Here he is at 8 weeks and he still is not with me.
Dog Carnivore Dog breed Gesture Companion dog

And here he is at 9 weeks and feeling right at home.
Dog Dog breed Comfort Carnivore Companion dog

Took these last pictures just today at 12 weeks and this will give us a start for the rest of the year.
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Fawn

Dog Carnivore Dog breed Companion dog Poodle

Dog Carnivore Dog breed Working animal Companion dog

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Working animal
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Beautiful, reminds me of mine at that age.
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Tuck looks like a sweet pup. Thanks for sharing. Great photos!
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That’s both cute and dangerous. My Spoo insists on sleeping between my desk chair, the wall, and credenza so he’s boxed in a small space. It was nice and cozy when he was 2 months old but now well, not so much. He falls asleep, then while sleeping or half awake starts kicking me Ugh… He eventually moves but keeps trying to sleep there on a daily basis 🤣
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