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This thread is to share the journey of our pretty Penny, aka Corazon's Penny for your Thoughts. I hope to update weekly, but if I miss a week here and there, feel free to bug me for updates ;)

Penny was born August 9th and came home at 8 weeks. I'll recap her young puppyhood at the breeder, then continue to share her story as she grows!

Birth: Long before she got her name, I knew Penny as 'the roly poly pup'. She had accidentally rolled off the puppy pile and made a big production of waving her wee paws in the air, it was super cute! Please excuse the quality, it's a video screenshot :) She's just a couple hours old here.

Week 1: Soon she was given an identifying collar and known afterwards as 'Purple Girl'.


Weeks 2 & 3: By three weeks old her eyes are open and all the pups become curious and mobile. Also, Penny gets a taste of people fingers :ROFLMAO:


Week 4: Selection began, and after a lot of debate between her and her brother, little Roly Poly Purple Girl officially joined our family. She had such a sweet temperament and always wanted to be close to the people behind the camera!


Week 5 & 6: Penny gets her very first poodle cut! It's so nice to finally see her little face.


Week 7: An agility pup in the making, she's already started her love for tunnels. I can't wait to introduce her to the real thing one day!

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Week 8: Penny finally comes home!! Waiting for this day felt like Christmas. She had a 3 hour plane ride to our town, and I was so nervous for her, but she was calm and happy when we got her.


That being said - she definitely appreciated a good run around the garden when she got home!

We also have a 3 year old cat, Finnigan, who was a wild card. We scent swapped for a few hours before they met (thankfully Finnigan was asleep most of the day) and supervised all their interactions for the first few days. Imagine our surprise when Finnigan just wanted to play with his new little friend, and it was Penny who was a bit nervous!

Our sweet girl settled so well into our home the very first day. After a couple days in our bedroom, we moved her crate to the open concept living room/kitchen where it's been ever since. Almost immediately she began sleeping through the night from 10pm - 6:30am, which was a blessing for us!

Week 9: Penny continues to display her love of tunnels. Unfortunately she'll outgrow this one soon, but she'll get a bigger one for sure!

Week 10: Penny has introduced a new concept to us - Sleepy Zombie Eyes. At first, it was terrifying and mildly concerning. Now it's just cute in a creepy way :ROFLMAO:

Week 11: She grows so fast, it seems like her legs are a bit longer every day. But her hair grows fast too! This is a before and after picture of her first face shave with me, and the first time I got to use my wahl bravura clippers. It was quite a process, but thankfully she lets me do all the grooming I want in exchange for a bully stick!


Week 12: This past Sunday, pretty Penny officially turned 3 months old! She chose to celebrate her milestone with some zoomies around the yard. It's only been a few days since these pictures, but it seems like she's growing even faster now. I'm already looking forward to updating for Week 13! :giggle:

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