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Norman looks like such a lovable character! He really reminds me of Peggy. They've got the same gleam in their eyes 馃檪
He is!! Thank you for the compliment. He is such a character and his personality grows everyday!! This morning he woke me up with kissing on my face, which he never has done before. Such a nice calm moment of cuddles before he started his morning zoomies!!

WowWow I haven't gone thru this thread in awhile. What a handsome boy he is and his coloring! I've never seen a poodle with the color, he is simply gorgeous and you keep him looking so good while allowing him to play too. What a wonderful owner you are!! Thank you for sharing his pictures!
Thank you Mufar! I am glad you think he looks good, I try my best! It's hard to keep him looking presentable, but effort is made lol!! His coloring is so amazing to me. I truly do not know what to expect as each month passes by. More colors come and go! Thank you again. He is my world and I am so blessed to have chosen him as my companion.

Does anyone think that Norman is some variety of the color sable? I really enjoy watching poodles change colors. Also, I did know of one Bichon that never had puppy teeth. We called him the toothless wonder, and Gummy. His human thought it was funny to let him "gum'' on her hands and arms. It was not so funny when he finally got his adult teeth, and had no bite inhibition. Norman looks like a true sweetie... a canine kaleidoscope.
Charmed, great questions. I have photos of his parents I can share if you're interested. I truly do not know what color Norman is and he is still changing! His roots on his head are now dark grey so I expect that to be his final coloring on his head. As for his body, who knows! Blonde, white, black, grey... I wouldn't be surprised if some red shows up :aetsch:

He has a black necklace on his chest as you can see, and I have always wondered if this is any rare-unique coloring mix. Sable, phantom? If anyone has any idea I would love to hear it, because I am clueless what to tell people! :alberteinstein:

Haha toothless wonder!! I love that. And yes just as your friend did, I made the mistake of letting Norman chew on my hands. Now I have a huge battle of teaching him that biting me is no longer fun or good!!

Thank you all for the wonderful compliments! If you're interested in seeing Norman's parents or his color changing roots let me know. I have no clue lol! but it makes it fun :)

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No idea what week we are on so here鈥檚 just a bunch of photos of Norman !!

He鈥檚 11 months old now and weighs 62 pounds exactly! He is my world.
The photo of him sleeping with lamb chop is Christmas Day. He was so tired from all the crazy new toys and fun!!!


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