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1st time poodle mom from Ohio

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Hello! Special Agent Minnie Moxley (we call her Moxley) is my first standard poodle (and first puppy). She turned 1 the other day. She is such a joy (and exhausting). I found this forum by searching "Poodle hoarder":LOL:

I'm fascinated by all the poodle similarities even though they are all in different settings. I'm looking forward to learning about all of the wacky stories the members have.

One thing I haven't found is the love of the bathtub. Moxley hangs out in the bathtub and likes for the water to run and fill up over her feet. Twice a day she plays in the tub for 5-10 minutes. Maybe she's part fish!?
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Happy birthday Moxley!! Her bathtub fascination is so endearing, has she dabbled in swimming yet? Mine will squeal trying to climb in while I shower but has second thoughts when he's getting bathed in there :LOL:
One similarity I've seen within my spoo and his littermates is their love for chewing and spitting out fallen leaves and sticks. Gives me a heart attack when I think he's ingesting them but he seems to always spit them out or just keep them in his mouth LOL And they seem to be the most rambunctious players at the doggy meetups we've been to.
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