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I'm actually picking him up TOMORROW! I was going to pick him up today but i want to make sure I have everything ready so today I set up his crate, bought some teething rings, kongs. I looked EVERYWHERE to find the same food the breeder uses (chicken soup) so I have 2 bags of it here now, i plan on keeping him on the same stuff at least while he's a puppy. My shepherd eats Taste of the Wild so i'll switch him to that after he's off the puppy food. I believe they are both made by "Diamond" foods so it shouldn't be too rough of a switch.

Anyway... im babbling, but what can I say.. i'm excited! I also bought a new leash and rolled leather collar, pet bed. I cleaned my entire house making sure to wash all the vinyl floors, etc...

I think i'm just trying to keep busy to make the time go by!
Who is the breeder ? He looks really nice , I also like the show puppy clip on him.
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