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A great post from Moonrise Poodles, shared with permission.

It is easy to assume that a puppy who is still with the breeder when the littermates have gone home is somehow flawed. I am always taken aback by this assumption, because most of the time, the puppies who stay with me longer, are my "pick prospects" who were kept longer to make a decision about adding them to the breeding program. And sometimes, they are with me because I am an Ethical Breeder.

When you are working with an Ethical Breeder, it is not like shopping at a pet store or a shelter.
Ethical Breeders measure their success in your success with your dog, not in "inventory", or number of dogs or how fast they are "moved out".

When you work with an Ethical Breeder, you support a meticulously designed process that has been put in place for your success! Leading to the day you take your puppy home, a thousand of small decisions were made and our hearts poured into raising the puppy and building a foundation for him or her to become someone's dream dog. The most important part of this process is selecting prospective owners and matching their needs with the puppy's needs. Rarely do ethical breeders allow the prospective family to just pick a puppy based on looks or because they ran up to them first. This is not a place where you can just "come, look and leave with a dog".

We want prospective families who will continue on the path of empowering our puppies to grow up to their full potential. We also want prospective families who see us breeders as allies and guides on this path, not as simple commodity distributors.

We don't have to become the best friends, but if I don't feel like we have alignment of values regarding placement process, care and expectations, the puppy will stay with me for a bit longer until the right family is here for them.
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