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  1. Looking for a silver Toy as a SD/ESA

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    I'm looking for a toy pup to train as a SD/ESA for my PTSD. Any recommendations on breeders and trainers. Thanks,
  2. Is my runt mini poodle technically a toy?

    Poodle Talk
    I have been trying to find the answer to this question on the internet, but haven't had any luck. I have a mini poodle who happens to be really small for a mini poodle (I can barely get him to stay above 8 lbs, sometimes dipping down below). I know that both of his parents were AKC registered...
  3. Product Feedback

    Brogan's Heroes
    Hello Poodle Forum, We wanted to see if anyone had bought any of our items and would like to give us some feedback. We try to have unique and good quality items. So any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers, Courtney & Jill Brogan's Heroes
  4. Valentine's Day Plush Toy Sale

    Brogan's Heroes
    Don't forget we have our Valentine's Day Plush Dog Toy Sale going on right now. We have our adorable Sock Monkeys that are great for cuddling on a cold Winter day! Use Amazon Code 8MVCFN9 www.amazon.com/shops/brogansheroes Home Page
  5. Little Prince Charming

    Poodle Pictures
    Well I couldn't just groom Roxy without Grooming Mickey (Buoy) too.
  6. Red Riding Hood

    Poodle Pictures
    Mama groomed Roxy today, so the camera had to come out, to bad the sun didn't. This is daddy's little butterfly and the big hunter of the household. She has a pretty little Pixie face.