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  1. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Hi there! I recently started my search for a great toy poodle about a month ago. I’ve been talking to breeders all over the country and have read over what makes a breeder reputable. Im hoping I can get personal recommendations for breeders anywhere in the country that members have actually...
  2. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Our family is looking for a good and reputable breeder for toy poodles. My husband had a red toy poodle as a child, and he continues to talk about how much he misses it. This is a long term decision and we want to find the right breeder, so we are willing to travel to meet the breeder. We...
  3. Poodle Talk
    Hello! I am planning to welcome my toy poodle at home in a month or so. But I was informed that she is not growing up the same as her siblings. She's actually smaller. She's now 9 weeks and 1.3 pounds. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Does anybody think that if it's not a health...
  4. Poodle Talk
    My puppy is going on 8months and we are going through toys almost every week. We've tried Kong brand. We're trying no stuffing but he eats the ears and legs off. The only thing he hasn't managed to eat are a clue teething toys and a Kong treat toy. What can I do?
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I have just started my search for a Toy Poodle puppy in or near Denver, Colorado. For the past few years I've been optimistically sorting through local rescues applying for the rare pup that fits my preferences–which is always shortly followed by extreme disappointment when I'm told the...
  6. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    I’m looking for a toy poodle breeder who feeds raw and uses a minimal vaccine schedule, I live in Spokane, WA but can travel. Thanks guys :)
  7. Poodle Talk
    Hello everyone, after years and years of pining after a toy poodle we have found that we are in the perfect position to finally add a little one to our lives. I have researched non stop into the breed and contacted our local toy poodle club as well as friends and family members who show dogs...
  8. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Hi there, My fiancé and I are looking for a reputable AKC champion breeder that may have a large toy or small mini (9-13 inches) with a dark red coat. Although we've found some reds, most come from a lineage with parti, white or fading genes and/or have creams in their recent ancestry which...
  9. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    I'm looking for a toy pup to train as a SD/ESA for my PTSD. Any recommendations on breeders and trainers. Thanks,
  10. Poodle Talk
    I have been trying to find the answer to this question on the internet, but haven't had any luck. I have a mini poodle who happens to be really small for a mini poodle (I can barely get him to stay above 8 lbs, sometimes dipping down below). I know that both of his parents were AKC registered...
  11. Poodle Pictures
    Well I couldn't just groom Roxy without Grooming Mickey (Buoy) too.
  12. Poodle Pictures
    Mama groomed Roxy today, so the camera had to come out, to bad the sun didn't. This is daddy's little butterfly and the big hunter of the household. She has a pretty little Pixie face.
1-12 of 14 Results